ryoko hirosue


Name : Ryoko Hirosue

Sex : Female

Nationality : Japan

Birthday : 18th July 1980

Birthplace : Kochi, Japan

Horoscope : Cancer

Blood Type : O Type

Height : 160cm

Body Size (cm) : B83/ W58/ H86 (Just For Reference)

Shoe Size : 23.5cm

Ring Size : No.7

Family : Father/ Mother/ Sister/ Dog

Debut : Acquired the P&G's Champion of Cosmetic Model Competition (Clearasil PikaPika Face in 1994)

Schools : Johoku Junior High School/ Shinagawa Joshi Gakuin Senior High School/ Wasada University (Department of Japanese Language & Literature)

Special Abilities : Basketball/ Swimming/ High Jump/ Running

Hobbies : Movie Appreciation/ Karaoke/ Electronic Organ

Favorite Singers : Mr. Children/ Judy & Mary/ Chara

Most Favorite Foods : Sushi/ Ice-cream/ Sweetened Bun

Least Favorite Food : Internal Guts

Favorite Color : White

Favorite Season : Summer

Future Dream : 1. To Appear in Television (Achieved) 2. To Be a Dolphins' Trainer (Achieved) 3. To Make a Kingdom of Dog

 How I Discovered Her

I got my first computer in 1999. Surfing the internet back then took a little longer with a dial-up connection, than it does now with a cable modem. One day, I was looking around for information/websites about a jpop (japanese pop music) girl group called SPEED (the reigning jpop girl group of the 1990's). All of a sudden, I saw a picture of this girl on some general, run-of-the-mill jpop site, and was immediately stricken by a type of beauty that cannot be described accurately in any kind of language. Such was the impact of this beauty (especially the shape of her eyes, and the little upwards curve of the corners of her mouth), that I was desperate for anything and everything that I could find in regards to her. I managed to find quite a bit, including some mp3's of her music, some PV's (promotion videos, aka 'music videos'), and some CM's (commercials) of hers. I just fell deeper and deeper in love with each new picture, song, commercial, and video that I could find.

My skills as a 'graphic designer/digital artist' were beginning to develop, and one of the several english RH fansites that I came across, had some really basic/plain wallpapers on it. I emailed the webmaster of the site, told him that I loved RH, and wanted to make some wallpapers for his site. The first one that I made started it all, and set off a string of highly artistic, visually stunning creations, based around this incredible woman.

Over the years, my impressive collection of RH goods has grown, as does my undying love for her. Even though she's been married and has children, I will always place her above all others in this world. I can go on and on, but in reality, there are no words that can really describe what I feel for her. There are no words that can really describe how beautiful she is. There are no words that can really describe the impact she has had on my life, and it's pointless and futile to try. There is nobody like her, and there never will be.